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One of the things God has been teaching us lately is that the story He is unfolding is so much bigger than us, this season of raising support, or even the ministry we will have in El Salvador. He is showing us that He is at work in every single person and every situation. He’s teaching us that all things work together towards His ultimate goal – that Jesus’ name would be made great and that the world would know His love.

Lately, we have had a front row seat to hear about what God is doing in the lives and hearts of others.  This often happens as we share what He’s calling us to do. God uses our story to embolden someone else, to encourage someone, to challenge someone, or to call someone to take a step in faith.

So, we want to take a moment to share some of those stories to give glory to God and to praise Him for how He is moving all around us in the lives of other brave, selfless, and wise people. I have changed their names out of respect for their privacy.

Young Family Pursues a Call to Adoption

Carmen is a friend from college. She and her husband have two young children and they are constantly using their home as a place of welcome and respite for so many people. On many different occasions, they have given others a long-term place to live, they host Bible studies and gatherings, and they truly seek and resemble what it looks like to do life together within the body of Christ – messiness and chaos and all.

Carmen watched the video from when I shared my testimony, and she was so gracious to share with me what God was doing in her heart. During my talk, I asked the question, “What is God calling you to reevaluate and let go control over so that you may give even more of yourself to him and His desires for your life?” For my friend, she realized that God might be calling them to adoption. She said that they had talked about it in the past, but had never pursued it. Now, she felt emboldened to pursue this high calling because she felt the Holy Spirit moving in her heart and asking their family to walk down that challenging, selfless, beautiful path. She knows it will be hard, but she also knows that God will make a way for His purposes to be fulfilled.

Retired Couple Seeks to Use Their Resources for Eternal Impact

Cal and Lydia are retired and their kids now have grown children of their own. They came to know Christ a little later in life and quickly became passionately involved in Bible study groups where they discipled others and made significant eternal impact through their mentorship and example. They have supported the work and ministry of so many missionaries, and developed a special relationship with a missionary family in South Africa who they blessed with their financial support and prayers for the entire time the missionaries were on the field.

They recently shared with us that those sweet friends were leaving the field and they were excited to pour their resources into another avenue for the Gospel to go forth. In a way that was inexpressibly encouraging, they said, “we believe God can use you to get the job done and we want to be part of that.” Cal and Lydia are an incredible example to us of a family who may not be called to physically take the gospel to El Salvador, but they are actively looking for ways to use their resources for eternal impact.

Two Families Exploring the Idea of Foreign Missions

We recently had the opportunity to travel to 2 different churches in Georgia and share the story of how God is calling us to plant a church in El Salvador. After the service in Newnan, Anita and Frank shared with us that we had given them a lot to think about because they had often felt the desire to do missions but life kept getting in the way. They were challenged to reconsider what they were allowing to keep them where they were.

John and Deidra in Dalton felt the Holy Spirit moving in their hearts as we shared about the needs in El Salvador, and they beamed with excitement as they told me they were trying to figure out how they could come and serve. She teaches Spanish and he is a musician. What perfect gifts to bring to a church-planting team in a Spanish-speaking country!

Giving in Faith

A family member recently told me that they have wanted to start supporting our ministry, but weren’t sure how to make it work financially. Things have been tight, especially during the summer with less work in their industry. But, the Holy Spirit was at work in their heart and convinced them to take a leap of faith – they believed God would provide as they trusted Him and gave of their resources. She then shared with me that the very week they decided to set up monthly giving, they received several jobs that would more than cover what they gave in faith. She felt so encouraged and emboldened to give and give generously. Praise the God of abundance – he owns the cattle on a thousand hills!

Bringing it Home…

It can be easy to think during this season of raising support that God gives us opportunities to share our story so that He can provide funding. But even more importantly, God may want us to share our story so that He can convince others to seek after His will for their lives. His will for you may look very different than foreign missions. It may be pursuing adoption, leading a Bible study, supporting a missionary, or any number of pursuits to make His name great in your unique sphere of influence.

We are more convinced than ever that we have a very small part to play in His grand story. May you know His deep love for you and His deep desire to use your life for big things in His kingdom.

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