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I believe that is what they call clickbait in the industry! There is a point and a story behind the title, but of course with a catchy tag you can get more people to read… maybe.

I’ve been thinking about our family’s call to missions lately…

We spent the second weekend of February at a retreat for missionaries in El Salvador. No particular denomination or sending agency, just any missionary laboring in El Salvador and their families. It was put on by a ministry called, MissionSake, a ministry started specifically with serving, encouraging, and loving missionaries well here in country.

It was such a blessing to Hannah and I and our boys. We felt encouraged, poured into, and loved, and our boys had a blast. There was a group of 15 who came from a church in Valley Center, California just to spend time with the MKs (missionary kids) and love on them. They were amazing! Anyway, we met new people and missionaries who wanted to hear our story, so I shared it a few times. It had been a while, so it was a good reminder of how we got here!

Coincidentally, our home church, First Presbyterian Church Macon, had their missions conference the same weekend and one of the missionaries attending was Jacob Pursley. He was the key speaker for the mission’s conference in 2020. (Haha, yea, remember when we had missionaries from all over the world come see us only a month before the world shut down?)

Anyway, his message was very impactful for Hannah and I and played a huge part in our call to missions. It wasn’t revolutionary or earthshattering, it was simple and yet profound: “If the Lord is going to call you or your children to missions, you must be willing to listen.” Right? Simple and yet also profound.

If the Lord is going to call you or your children to missions, you must be willing to listen.

Let me explain my title now. There have been many times in our marriage, let’s say thousands, where I have left home to drive to work or somewhere and called Hannah but she did not answer… sometimes, if it was important I’d call five, six or fifteen more times with the same result! Inevitably, an hour or so later she’d call and say she was sorry, her phone was on silent, and ask if I was OK. To which I normally responded, “Yes, it’s fine. Someone else called 911 for me. They said I’ll be OK.” Obviously, nothing that serious was wrong, but I was communicating that if I truly did need something, she wouldn’t have been there.

Is that where you’re at with God? If he were to call you or your family to missions, are you listening? Are you in a place to listen? And if you hear him call, are you willing to truly listen?

It’s a hard question, because when the rubber meets the road, if you’re willing to listen, well there might actually be a need, and He might actually be calling to enlist you. And isn’t it easier to say you didn’t hear the phone ring than to pick up and hear someone has a need and say no? Of course it’s easier!

When you attend a mission’s conference, what’s the why? Because there’s always free doughnuts and coffee in the morning? (I’m not judging, I miss doughnuts so much. They don’t know how to do them right here, too much bread and way to dry. Send help!) What if you went with an open heart and open ears because you knew it was the most opportune time to hear God speak and call?

Is that where you’re at with God? Even if he were to call you or your family to missions, are you listening? Are you in a place to listen?

Yeah missions is hard! Yeah it’s lonely! Yeah there is so much to be done! So, yes, we need more people to join us in the field! Was it not Jesus in Matthew 9 saying the same thing?

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Yes pray! And we are beyond grateful for those who partner with us financially! But some must also hear the call, answer the call, and GO! There are millions and billions of reasons why not, but the great commission supersedes them all. I don’t know if any of you are called to overseas missions, much less here with us in El Salvador. But I do know that you’ll never know if you aren’t willing to listen.

I want to finish by sharing about a missionary couple we have met here. They are in their 80’s and have been here in El Salvador for over ten years loving people and serving God. They had already worked hard for many years in Texas and have kids and grandkids. But God called them to more than seashells in Boca Raton. So, they came here, long before it was safe to do so and learned Spanish. As I listened to their story, all I could think was ‘man this is “Don’t waste your life” gold right here!’

One last thought, you may be thinking you have nothing to offer, or no skills God can use, I am living proof that is not true! You just have to be willing to listen and He will and can use you. There is a country song “A lot with A little.” It’s an ok song, but it perfectly describes our God. He can do a whole lot with just a little. I mean, so little, like are your breathing? Great, that’s enough! He’s got the rest! Again, I am exhibit A!

Not all are called to GO, but those that are must be willing to listen and hear the Lord’s call in order to go.


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